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Marathon and Half Marathon Race Pace Bands

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Why do I need a Pace Band?

On race day, running the correct pace during a marathon or half marathon is the single most important factor in achieving your goal time. Surprisingly, many runners line up at the start on race day without a solid race pace plan or a way to follow it. Why put in months of dedicated training only to waste it by not planning your marathon or half marathon pacing strategy?

Developing a good marathon or half marathon pacing strategy is often difficult for both new and experienced marathoners. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve analyzed the course terrain for over 400 marathon and half marathons (more are added daily) and created pacing strategies based on each specific course. The algorithm used to develop the race-specific paces are derived from peer reviewed research, advice from running experts, and analysis of the actual race paces from thousands of runners who have successfully met their time goals on those courses.

With our Pace Bands, you can choose from a variety of pacing and start strategies as well as creating your own strategy from scratch. Plus, we make the band for you. No more homemade pace bands that fall apart after the first mile or are unreadable when exposed to sweat or rain.