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Advertising Opportunities on

Advertising on allows you to showcase your event, product, or service to hundreds of thousands of running enthusiasts. It is a great opportunity to increase your revenue and brand awareness.

We offer a few ways to advertise on

Display Advertising:

Currently, we are rolling out advertising spots on our Calendar and Marathon Ranking Pages. Our prices are based on the number of times your ad is displayed. Unlike other sites, you don’t pay a flat fee and not know how many times your ad is seen. Our ad prices below are per 1,000 ad views (ex. $2 for 1000 views). We do offer discounts for volume purchases.

Your ad will randomly rotate among the three ad locations on each page. However, you may choose the option of having your ad only appear on the highest level of the page as well. View an example page with potential ad locations. A full list of pages is included at the bottom of this page.

Display Ad Pricing:

Ad SizeSquareRectangleBanner
Ad Rotates on all Locations$2$3$6
Ad Always on the highest location on the page$3$5$8

*Price is per 1000 ad views (Discounts for volume purchases)

Featured Races

Another method of advertising your race is through highlight your events in our Calendar and Rankings pages. Each time your Marathon is listed on one of our Calendars or ranking lists:

  • The name of the race will be highlighted with a contrasting color.
  • It will be in a larger font than non-sponsored races in the list.
  • There will be a direct link to your race website or registration page.
  • All races in your event will be listed (Half-Marathon, 10Km, etc.)

Featured Race Pricing: $0.80 per 1,000 Ad Views


Q: Who do I need to contact if I am interested or have questions?

A: You may complete the Advertising Inquiry Form or you may email me directly at

Q: What type of ad do I need?

A: There are 3 standard sizes: Square (1:1 ratio), Rectangle (2:1 ratio), or Banner (4:1 ratio). If you don’t currently have a display ad for your product, service, or event we can assist you with having one created.

Q: What are some of the pages that my ad will display on or my race highlighted?

A: Currently, display ads will run on our Calendar pages which include Upcoming Marathons, Calendar listing all marathons, and calendars which filter by state, province, month, Boston Marathon Qualifiers, etc. In addition, our ranking lists of the Best/Most Boston Qualifiers and fastest marathons and marathon courses by state/province, month, etc.