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Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon Reviews

4.7 Stars from 3 Runners

  2017 Race

By about 2017


I liked that the course ran through many different parts or the city. Most of the fan support is in downtown and along the half marathon course; much fewer spectators on the portion south of downtown, but my favorite part was where the course ran through Brackenridge Park and there were probably 200 photo memorials to fallen members of our US military, followed by probably 200 US flags, each held by a volunteers screaming for the runners. There were plenty of water stations and volunteer support. Thank you to all volunteers! The after-party was good with talented musicians. Runners get one free Michelob Ultra and can buy more for $4 each. I would have liked to see more choices of beer.

My least favorite part of the event is that many (most?) port-o-potties were not stocked with toilet paper!! I had to check about 12 units before finding one with toilet paper -- AFTER I had already done my business. I CONSIDER THIS A MAJOR FAILURE!

2nd dislike was lack of enforcement regarding which corral runners started in. Everyone seemed to start wherever they wanted to. The staggered start helped spread runners out, but it still took a while to get around the slower runners and walkers.

Race Tips

The course doesn't have drastically steep ups or downs; they are long and gradual.

A December race in Texas doesn't promise cooler temperatures. Temps were in upper 60's at the start and increased to mid-70's.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

We parked at the Alamodome which was easy to get in and out of since it is right off the freeway, but this required a long walk to & from the race. Most people parked elsewhere in downtown (parking garages), but I don't know how long it took to get out of downtown after the event.

4 / 5 Stars


By about 2016


A nice course. It was wet and windy in 2016. Aside from the weather that day, it would be great.

5 / 5 Stars


By about 2016


I really enjoyed the course. There was a good mix of setting; downtown, neighborhoods, parks. Packet pick up was easy, there were plenty of water stations and restrooms available during the race. The unusual weather presented a problem, but as far as the marathon itself everything was great and low stress.

Race Tips

I stayed at a hotel in the downtown area and only had to walk .4 miles to the start. The hotel was great and let us stay parked in their lot during the run. Traffic heading to packet pickup Saturday afternoon was backed up quite a bit. Make plans to come down early on pick up day as well as race day to avoid traffic delays if you're not staying in a hotel downtown.

5 / 5 Stars

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