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From our comprehensive Marathon Calendar to our Comparison and Time Conversion Tools to our hundreds of course-specific Marathon Pace Bands. We can help you Find, Compare, and Pace your perfect marathon.

Find: Use our comprehensive Marathon Calendar of nearly 1,000 marathons to find your perfect race. Quickly view the elevation profile, speed of the course, or even compare marathons side-by-side.

Have a specific type of marathon in mind? Use our Advanced Search Tools (Location, State, Keyword) to find your marathon based on the criteria that is important to you such as Race Day Temperature, Boston Marathon Qualifier, Course (Hilly, Rolling, Flat, Downhill, etc.), and much more.

Compare: After you've narrowed your search, use the comparison tools to view the details of your races side-by-side or even convert your times between races using the Marathon Time Converter Tools.

Pace: Once you've found your marathon, make sure you stay on the right pace by creating a race-specific Marathon Pace Band based on the topography of the course, your goal time, and your pacing strategies. Over 370 course-specific Pace Bands are available based on peer reviewed running pace research. And if you already have paces in mind, you can even create a Pace Band with your custom paces.

The Marathon and Half Marathon Pace Band creators are free to use. Water-proof, tear-proof, snap-on Pace Bands are available for sale as well for $5.99.

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Latest Marathon Articles

Marathons Made for BQ Hopefuls

The past decade has seen significant growth in the number of people running marathons as well as the number of marathons held each year. Each of the of the 50 most populous cities in the United States hosts at least one marathon each year with several of these cities holding multiple marathons. If you look at our marathon calendar, there will be more than 700 marathons held this year in the United States and Canada with an estimated 600,000 finishers.

As more people run marathons, the allure of the Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon, has also increased. First held in 1897, Boston is the goal for thouBostonMarathonMedalsands of runners each year attempting to achieve the elusive BQ (Boston Qualifying time). Last year more than 57,000 marathon finishers (10.2% of all finishers) ran under the Boston Qualifying standards for their age group in certified marathons.

Race organizers have taken notice of runner’s obsessions with chasing BQ’s and created races specifically to attract Boston-seeking runners. We have listed five of these races developed with this segment of runners in mind.

Chasing the Unicorn Marathon

Washington Crossing, PA
August 16, 2015...Read More

Boston Marathon

Marathon Elevation Profiles

Currently there are Course Elevation Profiles for 409 marathons. The majority of Elevation Profiles use the same scale which makes comparing courses much easier. Select the 'Compare' feature on the Advanced Search Tools or on the Marathon Calendar to compare races.

This Week's Marathon Calendar

Date Race Name
10/03/2015St. George Marathon
St. George, UT
10/03/2015New Hampshire Marathon
Bristol, NH
10/03/2015Leavenworth Marathon
Leavenworth, WA
10/03/2015North Face Endurance Challenge - Wisconsin
Madison, WI
10/03/2015Sleeping Bear Marathon
Empire, MI
10/03/2015Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon
Winchester, TN
10/03/2015Arkansas Marathon
Booneville, AR
10/03/2015Columbia River Power Marathon
Umatilla, OR
10/04/2015Twin Cities Marathon
St. Paul, MN
10/04/2015Portland Marathon
Portland, OR
10/04/2015Lakefront Marathon
Milwaukee, WI
10/04/2015Wineglass Marathon
Corning, NY
10/04/2015Maine Marathon
Portland, ME
10/04/2015MO Cowbell Marathon
St. Charles, MO
10/04/2015Marathon de Rimouski
Rimouski, QC
10/04/2015Northern Ohio Marathon
Mentor, OH
10/04/2015County Marathon
Picton, ON
10/04/2015Run Crazy Horse Marathon
Hill City, SD
10/04/2015Nip Muck Trail Marathon
Ashford, CT
10/04/2015Greenway Trail Marathon
Nashville, TN
10/04/2015Johnstown Marathon
Johnstown, PA
10/04/2015Kingdom Marathon
West Glover, VT

Next Week's Marathon Calendar

Date Race Name
10/09/2015Emerald Bay Marathon
Spooner Lake, NV
10/10/2015Hartford Marathon
Hartford, CT
10/10/2015Whistlestop Marathon
Ashland, WI
10/10/2015Freedoms Run Marathon
Shepherdstown, WV
10/10/2015Prairie State Marathon
Libertyville, IL
10/10/2015Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon
Bemidji, MN
10/10/2015Golden Hills Trail Marathon
Berkeley, CA
10/10/2015Southernmost Marathon
Key West, FL
10/10/2015Cal-Neva Marathon
Tahoe City, CA
10/10/2015Layton Marathon
Layton, UT
10/10/2015Stone Bridge Marathon
Roscoe, IL
10/10/2015Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon
Luck, WI
10/10/2015Escalante Canyons Marathon
Escalante, UT
10/10/2015Run the Rock Marathon
Kodiak, AK
10/11/2015Chicago Marathon
Chicago, IL
10/11/2015Long Beach International Marathon
Long Beach, CA
10/11/2015Steamtown Marathon
Scranton, PA
10/11/2015Victoria Marathon
Victoria, BC
10/11/2015Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon
Albany, NY
10/11/2015UnitedHealthcare Marathon
Newport, RI
10/11/2015Prairie Fire Marathon
Wichita, KS
10/11/2015Okanagan Marathon
Kelowna, BC
10/11/2015Towpath Marathon
Peninsula, OH
10/11/2015Lake Tahoe Marathon
South Lake Tahoe, CA
10/11/2015Green Mountain Marathon
South Hero, VT
10/11/2015Tyler Rose Marathon
Tyler, TX
10/11/2015Springfield Marathon
Springfield, IL
10/11/2015City of Trees Marathon
Boise, ID
10/11/2015Spokane Marathon
Spokane, WA
10/11/2015Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon
Susanville, CA