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Historical Race Day Weather

Zydeco Marathon

March 13, 2016

Race Day Temperatures
High: 78°F  (26°C)
Low: 60°F  (16°C)
Race Start Conditions
58°F  (14°C)
Humidity: 100%

Partly Cloudy
S 6 mph 
PR Score (Normal Score)
96.71  (98.72)
Course Score

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March 8, 2015

Race Day Temperatures
High: 68°F  (20°C)
Low: 52°F  (11°C)
Race Start Conditions
55°F  (13°C)
Humidity: 59%

Mostly Cloudy
E 3 mph 
PR Score (Normal Score)
99.62  (98.72)
Course Score

March 30, 2014

Race Day Temperatures
High: 72°F  (22°C)
Low: 46°F  (8°C)
Race Start Conditions
47°F  (8°C)
Humidity: 90%

No Wind  
PR Score (Normal Score)
99.17  (98.72)
Course Score