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Marathon Time Predictor Questionnaire

We are creating a tool to help runners more accurately calculate their predicted marathon finish time. In addition to incorporating peer reviewed scientific data in the development of an algorithm, we are collecting training and performance data from runners. The following questionnaire takes about 3-4 minutes of your time to complete. All answers and information are completely confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd parties.

This is a questionnaire to gather information to create a marathon predictor tool. It is not an actual prediction tool yet.


The following questions relate to some of your marathons, your training for the marathon, and races you completed during the training cycle for the marathon.

Marathon Information

 What was your time for this marathon?

 Did you have a time goal for this marathon?

 If Yes, what was your goal time for this marathon?

What was your fitness level for this marathon?
Describe your pace the last 3-5 miles of the marathon compared to your pace earlier in the race.
How many marathons had you completed before this marathon?

Training for this Marathon

How many miles per week did you average the last 6 weeks before tapering for the marathon?
What was the maximum number of miles you ran in a week in the 8 weeks before the marathon?
How many runs of 18+ miles did you complete in the 8 weeks before the marathon?

Races During Training Cycle

Please provide information on any 10Ks or Half Marathons you ran in the 3 months prior to this marathon. Include only races where you ran your maximum effort (not used as a training run or pacing someone else). Races during the specific training cycle and closer to the race are optimal.

What was the distance of the race?
 What was your time for this race?

What was the distance of the race?
 What was your time for this race?

Running History

How many marathons have you completed?

 What is your best time for the Marathon?

 What is your best time for the Half Marathon?

 What is your best time for a 10K?

 What is your best time for a 5K?

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