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Louisiana Marathon

Baton Rouge, LA

Race Dates

2018: TBD
2017: Sunday, January 15, 2017

Course Information

Profile: Mostly Flat
Type: Mostly Out and Back
Surface: Road/Pavement
Certified?: Yes

Race Day Weather

Mean Temp.: 52°F (11°C)
Average High: 62°F (16°C)
Average Low: 41° F (5°C)

Historical Weather

PR Score & Course Score

PR Score: 99.32
Course Score: 99.32

Race Size

2017: 951 Finishers
2016: 1,134 Finishers
2015: 1,277 Finishers

BQ Percentages

2017: 7.9%
2016: 8.5%
2015: 11.3%

Miscellaneous Information

Pace Groups?: Yes

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Course Description

The Louisiana Marathon course is very flat with only about 40 feet separating the high and low points on the course. Race time temperatures are typically in the mid-50s with high humidity levels.

Marathon Rankings

The Louisiana Marathon was the 78th largest marathon in the U.S. last year and was the 73rd largest in 2015.

This year 7.9% of finishers qualified for the Boston Marathon and 8.5% of runners qualified for Boston in 2016.

This gives the Louisiana Marathon the 266th highest percentage of Boston Marathon qualifiers in the U.S. last year and the 19th highest percentage so far in 2017.

Its Course Score of 99.32 ranks it as the 123rd fastest marathon course in the U.S. and the 2nd fastest course in Louisiana.

The typical race time temperature and humidity levels are within the ideal range for optimal marathon performance. This, coupled with the Course Score, gives the Louisiana Marathon a PR Score of 99.32. This PR Score ranks it as the 85th fastest marathon in the U.S. and the 1st fastest in Louisiana.

Learn more about PR Scores and Course Scores on the FAQ page.

Elevation Chart

Max Elevation: 57 feet (17m)
Min Elevation: 21 feet (6m)


Ratings & Reviews for the Louisiana Marathon

5 Stars from 5 Reviews

review of 2017 Louisiana Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Pros: Great organization. Voluntary corrals. LOTs of bathrooms. Flat and fast. Great t-shirt/medal. Beautiful course.

Cons: Only that it was warm. Baton Rouge has a nice little gem of a run. I'm surprised it isn't growing in popularity.

Race Tips

More times than not I run a BQ time. This race was no exception. 325 ft. of gain. Start off easy and enjoy!

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Watermark was nice. 5 blocks from the start - easy walk. Go to the Federal Building after the run. You can see the finish line and all the events from the 27th. Floor.

review of 2017 Louisiana Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Great organization, well placed fuel/water/bathroom stops, best finish line festival + food of any race I've ever been at.

Race Tips

Very flat course, good shade through the first 15 miles then in the sun off and on through 18-22

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

review of 2017 Louisiana Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


The race was really well organized and the course was a real pleasure. Support along the course was fantastic - especially for a smaller race. The post race parties (both Saturday and Sunday) are fantastic with a great selection of local food, beer and entertainment.

Race Tips

There is a 5k race on Saturday which I ran as a shakeout for Sunday's marathon. The 5k is really well done and completing the races on both days gets you additional swag.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

I was able to find a hotel within about six blocks for the start/finish area which worked out pretty well.

review of 2016 Louisiana Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Well administered, best manned aid stations, excellent after party, nice weather, good location. Was a little disappointed in the expo but other than that this is an excellent race.

Race Tips

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

review of 2012 Louisiana Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


A nice mid-sized (900 full, 1800 half) race. In only its second year it is well organized. Abundant water stops and on course port-a-potties. First half is very nice running thru LSU campus, some pretty parks and often running along water. The second half is more boring. A long out and back and run through repetitive neighborhoods. Some very bad roads the first 2 miles or so (I saw 3 folks fall) but after that fine.

Race Tips

It is a very flat course. A few overpasses mainly in the early miles (although one at mile 25) but otherwise flat. In 2013 we had great weather. 40ish at the 7:00 start and 50's at 11:00. Lots of water stops (all had poweraid) and lots of gel handouts too. For a race in its second year the fan turnout was impressive.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

I stayed at a motel 6 about 10 minutes from the start line. I arrived about an hour early and easily found parking. Also even 20 minutes before the start I was able to quickly use the port-a-potty.

Finish Time Equivalent

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