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Little Rock Marathon

Little Rock, AR

Race Dates

2018: TBD
2017: Sunday, March 5, 2017

Course Information

Profile: Rolling Hills
Type: Mostly Loop
Surface: Road/Pavement
Certified?: Yes

Race Day Weather

Mean Temp.: 50°F (10°C)
Average High: 60°F (15°C)
Average Low: 41° F (5°C)

Historical Weather

PR Score & Course Score

PR Score: 98.18
Course Score: 98.18

Race Size

2017: 2,172 Finishers
2016: 2,024 Finishers
2015: 2,333 Finishers

BQ Percentages

2017: 3.4%
2016: 3.7%
2015: 2.9%

Miscellaneous Information

Pace Groups?: Yes

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Course Description

The Little Rock Marathon course is a fairly challenging course comprised of lots of rolling hills - especially the first 2/3rds of the race. After the large downhill after approximately mile 17, the next seven miles are relatively flat. The hills on the last 2 miles will challenge weary runners.

Marathon Rankings

The Little Rock Marathon was the 41st largest marathon in the U.S. last year and was the 38th largest in 2015.

This year 3.4% of finishers qualified for the Boston Marathon and 3.7% of runners qualified for Boston in 2016.

This gives the Little Rock Marathon the 432nd highest percentage of Boston Marathon qualifiers in the U.S. last year and the 106th highest percentage so far in 2017.

Its Course Score of 98.18 ranks it as the 285th fastest marathon course in the U.S. and the 3rd fastest course in Arkansas.

The typical race time temperature and humidity levels are within the ideal range for optimal marathon performance. This, coupled with the Course Score, gives the Little Rock Marathon a PR Score of 98.18. This PR Score ranks it as the 238th fastest marathon in the U.S. and the 2nd fastest in Arkansas.

Learn more about PR Scores and Course Scores on the FAQ page.

Elevation Chart

Max Elevation: 496 feet (151m)
Min Elevation: 225 feet (68m)


Ratings & Reviews for the Little Rock Marathon

4.8 Stars from 6 Reviews

review of 2017 Little Rock Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Awesome marathon and medal (which is my driving factor). I convinced my 2 besties to travel with me and run the 1/2.

When I met them back at the room, I was a little disappointed for them at the size of the medal. Since the promotion of the race states "half the distance, half the size" I expected the medal to be larger, yet it was closer to a quarter size....

And the spinner is tight and scrapes.


All of the race was awesome, the waterstops spaced well, the volunteers awesome....

Great race.

I didn't like the white color (medal) at all.

I love the size and shape

But the white makes it look plastic and cheap especially on my wall compared to the awesome Game On gold of 2016

And I don't like the teashirts, of either year, they are just not comfortable

But I love the race!!

Race Tips

10k day have the corral letters with opening in the gate that goes with the letter.

It was mass confusion.

We were forced to come in from back of line and could NOT get to corral.

Corral gates in marathon day were great.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

review of 2017 Little Rock Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Race Tips

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

review of 2016 Little Rock Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


I like it all but I'm biased because it is my hometown marathon and I have run it every year. It is a challenging course with flat and hilly sections. There is good crowd support downtown and in the residential neighborhoods. The organizers Gina and Geneva always throw in some new twists and keep it fun.

Race Tips

Beware of the hills of Kavanaugh, starting early in the second half of the race. The steep downhill on North Lookout starting around the mile 16 marker can destroy you if you yield to temptation and take it too quickly.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

The dining options in or near downtown LR and North Little Rock have grown extensively over the past five years so there are lots of great choices. Three Fold noodles is a nice casual place situated a few blocks from the start and finish line. We like the pizza and calzones at Vino's brewpub, 7th and Chester.

review of 2015 Little Rock Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Overall it was a great race with lots of support throughout the course and the governor even came out to high five and take pictures. The hill from mile 13 to 15.5 is pretty tough, and they bring you back down on a very steep hill. The out and back is not too exciting. It is a challenge, but very doable marathon course.

Race Tips

I stuck with a pacer that knew the course really well and would make pace adjustments for the hill sections. I would really recommend finding a good pacer.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

review of 2013 Little Rock Marathon.   

4 / 5 Stars


This is a well run, fairly large (2500 full, 4,500 Half, 1,200 10K) race. It is known for it's huge medal which is tacky but fun and the race directors seem to encourage fun! Get a nice short sleeve tech shirt. Expo was a little crowded for my taste but I still got out fairly quickly.

Race Tips

The first 13 miles have a few easy hills and rollers. Miles 13 to 16.5 are mainly uphill w/ a killer from 13.5 to 14.25. After that you get a downhill and 8 miles of flat. There are two hills the final 2 miles that hurt at that point. There is a six mile out and back from 18-24 that can be mentally tough but it is flat and the most scenic section of the race.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

The host hotel (Peabody) is walking distance from the expo and the race start (and many restaurants, museums, etc). I stayed in North Little Rock to save money and was still only 10 minutes from all the action. I parked at the garage on 2nd street. It was close to the start and finish.

review of 2012 Little Rock Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


This is not an easy marathon course but it is doable! You run through many historic parts of Little Rock.

Race Tips

It is important to save your strength for the hills around miles 13-16. There are some tough inclines in there but the downhill that follows is nice. Weather is usually in the 40's-50's which is perfect for marathoning!

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

There is a large parking garage near the convention center that usually has ample parking.

Finish Time Equivalent

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