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Whistlestop Marathon Reviews

3.7 Stars from 3 Runners


By about 2015


While very scenic, the trail is NOT packed gravel. It is mostly very loose, soft gravel that takes a lot of energy to run on, and twisting an ankle is very possible. If the course wasn't so loose / soft, I would love to run this race again.

2 / 5 Stars


By about 2014


This is the second year I've done it. Cold at the start but lots of fun the colors on the trees was great

5 / 5 Stars


By about 2014


Cool fall temps and scenic (if a bit lonely) course. Because it is on a trail there are very few spectators, but the water station volunteers are lovely and enthusiastic. Not a ton of port-potties along the course, but plenty of woods! Trail is not as hard-packed as I believed it would be and I spent a significant amount of time trying to get footing and/or weaving around softer areas. Fresh gravel applied in some areas prior to the start of the 2014 race made some spots pretty tough to run over (as the blisters on my feet attest to). Easy packet pickup, great volunteers, finish is by the train depot and train which are both beautiful. Shuttle from Primrose Lane was a breeze. Great medals and race finisher jackets!

Race Tips

Be prepared for any and all conditions along the trail. The trail is open to ATV\'s which significantly contributes to it's loose condition. Not as firmly packed as it\'s advertised.

4 / 5 Stars

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