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Shiprock Marathon Reviews

1.0 Stars from 1 Runners


By about 2015


First of all, when you send an email to race officials who have stated, "Contact me for anything," and you don't get a response, it's probably not going to be the response you wanted to hear! Once I was in the area and saw the course, it was unclear where spectators could cheer on their families. It was only on race day when found out they would not be allowed on the road where you run the first 19 miles! I have had training runs with more support! The stops where fuel was supposed to be often had 1 person sitting behind a table and you were expected to grab it off the table on the go--- no helpful people offering water; no gel or chomps at the ready to grab (never saw gels the 1st 19 miles either). And the biggest failure was the lack of port-o-lets! Maybe a dozen at the start, a few at mile 3ish (with a long line), maybe 1 at mile 9ish, but forget seeing any others until you reach civilization at mile 20! The marathon description raves about the Shiprock view. Sure you see it for a short time, but unless you always look sideways when you run, or backwards, the view is pretty bleak. And the scenic pictures they promise you'll receive---only got 1 of me! Their response was that maybe my number was obscured. Not a chance. Even in the ONE they took, you could see it front & center on my shirt. No one was around me as I ran! How they couldn't have taken freakin' amazing photos is beyond me. Room for LOADS of improvement with this race. My recommendation would be to let spectators into the first 19 miles!

Race Tips

Plan for sun---not a smidge of shade! A local told me if race day didn't have scorching sun, it's usually windy. The course map looks mostly downhill, but these are gradual, rolling, highway kickers. The marathon pack breaks up quickly, so plan to run you against the clock. No one near you. No one cheering. Just you, the open road and bright sun.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Nothing around there. You'll probably stay in the nearest decent town 25 miles east. You drive to the finish and a shuttle takes you to the start. No pumped up race person at the start to get you going. Some traditional Native music then they yell, "GO!"

1 / 5 Stars

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