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Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon Reviews

4.3 Stars from 3 Runners

  Good race

By about 2017


The first 15 miles were very scenic. I loved running along Lake Washington and through the park. When we came out of the park and started to run across town to the other stadium (about mile 15), the course isn't scenic at all. Running up the highway by Pike's market and the waterfront was okay. That's also where the uphill starts. For a hilly city, the marathon is relatively flat. There were plenty of aid stations, but as mentioned only a couple at the end had GU.

Overall, I thought it was a good race and I loved seeing Seattle from this course!

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Logistically, it was convenient. Many runners took the subway to the start with no trouble. We took a car service and were dropped off a short walk to the start. It was the worst port-a-potty line I have ever seen at a race start; they needed double the amount of bathrooms to accommodate everyone.

5 / 5 Stars

  One and done

By about 2017


First time running Seattle Rock and Roll marathon. Not sure if I liked the new stadium to stadium rout. The scenery was ok. Plenty of hydration aid stations but no gu on any of them. The race started way behind schedule, good price at $110 for a full with coupon, ok rout, ok support, I didn't go for the bands but there were plenty. Over all I give it a 7 out of ten. Organization was only major drawback.

Race Tips

Not enough portapotties for 20,000 runners so be there early!!!

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

For stadium to stadium rout, shuttle was very convenient and helpful.

4 / 5 Stars


By about 2016

4 / 5 Stars

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