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Maine Coast Marathon Reviews

3.0 Stars from 3 Runners


By about 2017


Disappointing. The overall course was very bland relative to what I expected from seeing all the promo videos and images. There were a few nice areas but mostly just regular back roads. The lanes were not closed and we had traffic zooming by as we ran on the shoulder and sometimes the sidewalk. They only had half a banana for finishers. There were no GELs at the stations. There were only a few tracking spots along the course. The weather was horrible. And to top it off - the course was inadvertently a half-mile long so BQ attempts were impacts. Overall, a very disappointing experience and I would not recommend it.

2 / 5 Stars


By about 2017


Aside from a major issue with directions on the course adding .5 to the race, the Maine Coast Marathon was a beautiful race along the coast of Maine. The views are amazing and the rolling hills are nothing to be afraid of. Crowd support small but is spread out along the course. The race is well supported with aid stations full of happy faces cheering you on. I find the support of a family on their front law cheering you on just as amazing as the cheers of 100 supports so it suited me.

Race Tips

There are long stretches of open road where you may need to up the mental game but if you have done any long solo runs during training you will be ready. This race feels like another long run through your hometown...low key.

5 / 5 Stars


By about 2016


I liked that I was able to pick my race number, the video from the race (at an extra cost) and the views along the coast. I didn't like that the roads were not closed, there was a timing mat at 7 and then again at 21 or 23 (what happened to 10K, half and 20 miles?) and we had to run no more than 2 side by side along the shoulder and sometimes on the sidewalk.

2 / 5 Stars

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