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Deseret News Marathon Reviews

2.0 Stars from 1 Runners

  1st 20 miles, pretty good

By about 2017


This event is pretty low key for the full marathon. Less than 400 runners ran in 2017. The first 18-20 miles were pretty enjoyable. The last 4-6 miles were miserable. We winded around town meaninglessly just to fill the mileage. It was difficult to know we were wandering further from the finish line in those challenging miles. They didn't have near enough aid stations - in the last 4-5 miles there was only 1 station with water only. They only had goo at one station, all the others were water and Gatorade. The shirts are ugly. They advertise how exciting it is to finish the race on the parade route. You run 2 blocks of the parade, then are directed away from the parade, wandering for another 6 blocks. I was all stoked when I hit the parade, thinking I was about to finish, but nope.

Race Tips

Bring your own water and treats.plan for a tough last 5ish miles

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

I drove with a running partner and parked at the stadium where the buses were. Our wives drove together and parked a few blocks from the finish line. Because of the parade/road closures, it is tough to get back to the stadium, so we had to send the other couple back on the buses that were provided at the finish. If you don't have 2 drivers I would just get on the bus back to the stadium.

2 / 5 Stars

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