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Carmel Marathon Reviews

4.0 Stars from 3 Runners


By about 2017


The course was very nice and mostly flat. 2017 was very cool. No GU's until mile 18 but tons of water stations. Course is sometimes poorly marked. I jumped a fence to get back on course but most people were okay.

4 / 5 Stars


By about 2016


On course support and aid stations could be better.

Race Tips

About 20 miles into the race you return to the monon center area, if its a warm sunny day, this is a very difficult area

4 / 5 Stars


By about 2014


Lots of water/aid stations. No GUs or gels, just water & powerade. Nice course, mostly flat on closed streets, some park & paved trail. They didn't close the trail to the public though so there were walkers & bikers that you had to dodge & look out for. No real direction at the end, lots of people were passing up the people handing out the medals & had to go back. Beer garden was only for participants so family & friends couldn't join in. Beer garden was in the opposite direction of the food, massages, gear check, etc.

Race Tips

Corral start wasn't really a corral start at all, just lining up according to pace then everyone takes off. Shuttle from the hotels dropped everyone off about 3 blocks away from the start.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Stayed at the Doubletree about 2 miles from the start. Had shuttles to & from the Expo & the start line. Very nice rooms & I thought reasonable cost.

4 / 5 Stars

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