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All American Marathon Reviews

3.5 Stars from 2 Runners


By about 2017


Ran in '17. After 100+ marathons, this is the best to me. Best organized, easy packet pickup. THE BEST MEDALS EVER, and I've done Boston, NYC, Chicago, Disney, Big Sur, +. Best overall swag, 22 aid stations. Yes there are hills but the course is interesting and flawless overall race. WONDERFUL!

Race Tips

It is hilly, 500+ feet of net elevation but there are rolling hills, you can pick up a lot on the downhills.

5 / 5 Stars


By about 2014


The first half was great--not too elaborate but enough spectators to keep runners motivated. Once the race split off and marathoners went their direction away from the half runners, the run soon lost spectators, scenery, and any sense of enjoyment. The back stretch along Pope Airfield was terribly long and even the few soldiers providing support looked bored. The run was incredibly hilly in many places. Most importantly, the race was boring and hilly. I would only recommend the half for future runners.

Race Tips

If you plan to run this, train on hills--a lot! Also, bring enough gels for the entire run--absolutely none available on the course. Overall times were slower here, too--even for the top finishers.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

We parked at the finish and left a car there. Then, we drove to the start in another car on race morning. This avoided shuttles. It worked out fine.

2 / 5 Stars

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